Media Mouth

For years, being in front of the TV was the safest place for me. When you’re a kid and stupid allergic to mosquitoes, ants, bees, etc. playing outside in the humid Florida sun is more of a gamble than a fun day at play. It is here that I discovered my passion for stories and the creation of characters.

Over the years, however, it became so much more. From being a safe place from scary bugs, to being a safe place from my own thoughts, television has helped shape me into the person I am today. Now, I’m not saying I was raised by the Crane’s or Weir’s. I like to think I’m pretty normal, but these fictional families helped shape my own aspirations and ideals. One day, I’ll see a family like mine on TV.

Much has changed since that little girl sat propped in front of the screen. Today we have women like Mindy Kaling, Kerri Washington, Viola Davis and Gina Rodriguez at the front lines of television. To say the film industry is lagging behind, is an understatement, however television still has many strides to make.

The content that comes across our screens in our ever-fragile political climate is imperative to incite change. Creation matters and if the content is not inciting  or enacting change in some way, shape or form, than our society remains stagnant, with fear of regression, rather than the promise of evolution.

This was a long-winded introduction to a segment called Media Mouth. I hope to highlight and discuss content in the media that takes part in affecting our fragile socio-cultural landscape. We’ll be talking analysis, diversity, gender theory, reception, impact, television, film, celebrities, events, etc.

Stick around to talk media with me!